Statera Energy

Our approach

A range of flexible technologies are required to help ensure a consistent and stable energy supply while the UK power system looks to decarbonise by 2030.

The issue

Solar and wind are intermittent power sources

Climate and seasonal variations affect generation and demand causing an excess or shortfall of available energy.

The renewable energy challenge

The solution

Our range of technologies store the excess to cover shortfall

Meeting demand is a complex problem and flexible solutions are needed to balance the UK’s energy supply for different periods of time.


Battery storage.

Short duration

Battery storage

Batteries are ideally-suited for short duration energy storage. Now well-established, battery storage is providing a cost-effective, fast and reliable way of supplying electricity to the grid for periods of up to four hours.

Pumped hydro.

Mid duration

Pumped hydro

Pumped hydro-electric storage is a proven zero carbon technology for medium-duration energy storage. Although its expansion is limited by geography, it represents a significant source of the UK’s storage capacity.

Hydrogen & flexible generation.

Long duration

Hydrogen & flexible generation

Green hydrogen is produced via electrolysis powered by renewable energy. The hydrogen can then be stored before being used to run low carbon flexible thermal generation plant which is crucial for balancing the grid and reaching net zero.


These technologies provide a range of energy network services, which enable further flexibility in the energy system, supporting the decarbonisation of the UK’s electricity supply.


Wholesale power markets

The primary market for wholesale electricity trading between generators and suppliers.


Frequency response

Used by National Grid to maintain enough response and reserve capacity to manage frequency and cope with unexpected losses.


Capacity Market

The Capacity Market is a mechanism used to procure capacity by providing the necessary payments to enable plants to deploy or remain operational.