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Join the people keeping the lights on

Play your part in generation-defining projects as we transition to a decarbonised, renewables-led energy system, and a greener, cleaner future for the UK.

Why work for Statera?

We are an innovative and fast-growing team at the forefront of the UK’s energy transition. We are pushing at the cutting edges of technology, engineering and data analytics, and diversifying our portfolio of assets, to help support our future energy system.

We are always on the lookout for people who share our values and mission, and who want to help deliver an ambitious pipeline of projects by 2030 and beyond.

Impactful work

Our people want Statera to have a positive and material impact on the environment and society, delivering projects that push the boundaries.

Best-in-class approach

Our team are committed, persevere and work hard to deliver our goals and achieve the positive impact we are aiming for.

Cutting edge technology

We consistently and pragmatically innovate and optimise to succeed in our ambition, as we seek out positive points of differentiation.

Empowered team

We empower people to take the initiative, to drive progress whilst also working as an effective team.

Defined by clear values

Safety, professionalism and integrity are central to all we do, no matter what the situation or circumstances.

"I completely resonate with Statera’s philosophy. We need flexible generation in a high-renewables world and the fact that we’re early movers in this space is very exciting. I believe we should all be passionate about what we’re doing as the UK transitions to a net-zero economy. It feels like we’re making a positive difference on meeting this objective."
Ruya Yang Commercial Manager
"For me, it’s the clear strategy that keeps me motivated. We’re offering a flexible solution to what is a known and existing problem. And we’re not just talking about it, we’re going out there and executing our strategy. That’s what I like at Statera. We quickly turn concepts into projects, and we make them happen."
Nick Mallinson Project Manager

Building a more diverse workforce

It is well evidenced that the workforce across the energy, engineering, and construction sectors is not diverse and does not reflect the communities in which they operate.

We want to be at the forefront of changing this reality, building a more diverse pool of candidates, and a more diverse team.

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Recruitment scams

Recruitment scams are commonplace in the job market. Scammers can pose as company recruiters or employees, and seek to collect confidential information. If you have any concerns during a recruitment process or suspect something isn’t right, please contact us via [email protected] to verify the application or details of the person you have been speaking to. Please note that any genuine job offer from Statera will only be made following an in person meeting in our office.