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Hydrogen production


We’re investing in green hydrogen production to support the decarbonisation of the UK power system and provide energy security.

What is Hydrogen production?

Hydrogen can be produced via the electrolysis of water. This process involves literally “splitting using electricity”, separating water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen with an electrical current using a device known as an electrolyser.

There are multiple types of electrolyser available. Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysers offer high levels of operational flexibility meaning they can be switched on within seconds to rapidly ramp-up and down in response to electricity network signals, importing electricity from the grid with which to create hydrogen.

This provides important support to the electricity network when there is excess renewable generation. The hydrogen produced acts as a key medium of energy storage.

How we use Hydrogen

The UK Hydrogen Strategy has outlined a target of 10GW low-carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030.

Electrolysis is ideally suited to using excess renewable energy to produce green hydrogen which can be used as a zero-carbon fuel in a wide variety of applications.

We plan to supply our electrolysers with excess renewable electricity to produce green hydrogen, which will then be used to power our flexible generation plant, thereby providing secure a low carbon source of flexible power to the UK grid to support periods of low renewable generation.

Our other hydrogen technologies

Hydrogen storage.

Hydrogen storage

Hydrogen provides an important medium of long-term energy storage. To ensure continuity of energy supply in the UK, hydrogen storage will be essential for balancing intermittent renewable generation due to seasonal variatons.
Flexible generation.

Flexible generation

Gas-fired thermal generation provides the bulk of today’s energy flexibility in the UK. Hydrogen can be used to displace natural gas as an input fuel and decarbonise this key source of flexibility.

Our other technologies

Battery storage.

Short duration

Battery storage

Batteries are ideally-suited for short duration energy storage. Now well-established, battery storage is providing a cost-effective, fast and reliable way of supplying electricity to the grid for periods of up to four hours.
Pumped hydro.

Mid duration

Pumped hydro

Pumped hydro-electric storage is a proven zero carbon technology for medium-duration energy storage. Although its expansion is limited by geography, it represents a significant source of the UK’s storage capacity.