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Saltholme South Power

Flexible generation

50 mw

Operational 2021

132kV DNO Connection




Saltholme South Power located near Stockton-on-Tees, Middlesbrough, is comprised of 4 gas fired reciprocating engines and has a combined capacity 50MW.

The site can turn on, reaching its full output capacity in 5-10 minutes and provide a sustained delivery of electricity to the grid to cover shortfalls in renewable generation, cover for other generators that are lost from the system at short notice and increases in demand.

Our generators are chosen for maximum efficiency and designed for minimum cost per unit of energy produced, reducing the cost of electricity to all consumers, whilst meeting all current emissions legislation and can be readily adapted to take a blend of hydrogen.

Partners & owners

Statkraft Natwest Santander

Project owner: Statera Energy

Project EPC: Statera Energy Projects

Project O&M: Statera Energy Operations


Flexible generation

  • Capacity


  • Response time

    < 10min

  • Duration


  • Homes powered




Capacity Market

The Capacity Market is a mechanism used to procure capacity by providing the necessary payments to enable plants to deploy or remain operational.


Wholesale power markets

The primary market for wholesale electricity trading between generators and suppliers.